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Would you hire a content marketing editor via Zoom from £30 an hour?

For a while now I’ve wondered if people stuck on how to write content would pay to hire a content marketing editor via Zoom for an hour at a time to help them.

Now I want to put the idea to the test to see if a £30 plus VAT offer to hire a content marketing editor via Zoom would appeal.

Or to put it another way, I need a bit of help to understand if the idea is a goer or not.

Firstly, have you ever used Zoom to work with an editor by the hour and did it work?

Secondly, how much did you pay?

Thirdly, what did (or didn’t you like about it)?

Finally, would you recommend it to anyone else?

<If you want to help then you can reach out to me via LinkedIn too>

Knowing if there is a market for it would help, but if I’m honest I’d been looking into offering bitesize one hour Zoom sessions to help people even before Covid-19 happened.

So who would want to hire a content editor via Zoom?

In my mind the target customer is professionals (accountants and lawyers), marketers, and business owners who are time poor yet need help finding the right words but don’t want to hire an agency, but wanted to learn how to do it for themselves.

Instead you would hire me via Zoom as a kind of mentor, someone to help you get on the right track and develop your ideas and style until you are confident enough to go off and do it yourself.

The pricing model is hourly as that may well be all you need – though it if isn’t it could then lead on to helping out with other projects. Actually I think I’m underselling it and the price point should be more like £90 an hour, but I wanted to test it out first and see what the demand was like.

As an ex-journalist I also thought it could be a service to help mentor young reporters too. Many struggle to get the help and support they need either because everyone in the newsroom is too busy to give them some time, or the training budget has been cut back.

Doing my bit

It also taps into something I like doing anyway, which is giving something back.

I’d already moved into training and lecturing in 2019. And I was beginning to grow my specialist half day business training sessions when Coronavirus struck (in fact I had bookings up to September)

That’s life though, and you just have to dust yourself down and go again.

But what about you?

Sometimes it pays to have an extra pair of eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you are an accountant tasked with writing a blog, a marketer creating a brochure or campaign, a business owner who needs to put some words together, or even a reporter struggling to find the right angle to a story.

I’ve helped them all.

What you all have in common is that, like it or not, content writing is going to be a key part of what you do.

And if you are going to be writing more of your content yourself, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get some help?

What I can help with:

Coming up with story ideas

Editing and rewriting

Targeting who you are writing for

Giving an honest opinion

Shaun Lowthorpe Content Connective

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