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Why newspaper design and the architecture of a newspaper still matters (and what happens to your product when you disregard it)

It’s easy (and cheaper) to ditch newspaper design, but be warned doing so could cost you dear in the long run – and here’s why. Like any other profession, newspaper journalists have their own technical language. And newspapers themselves also have their own ‘architecture’ (or at least they did). When

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Lost for words?

I get it, you’re bursting with stacks of story ideas, and you can even write a bit, but you never find the time to create all those blogs, articles and press releases you need. Or you’re a trainee journalist needing a helping hand to make your copy sing or progress to the next level.

I can help you

I’ll show you how to write and help you improve WHAT you write. Together we’ll iron out the words, sort out the headers and keywords, create a story to engage, interest and influence the people that matter, your audience.

How it works

To keep it simple I like to start with ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, where and ‘when’. Then I’ll also show you ‘how’. Beyond storytelling I can show you how to map out a content plan, how to generate more story ideas, and how to slice and dice your content for different formats such as blogs, publications, and social media.

Who I work with

Anyone looking to write great stories. I work with business owners, marketing professionals, trainee and student journalists – anyone who needs help writing articles with a journalistic flavour from blogs, news stories, or press releases to content marketing copy.

I’ve also successfully helped transform dry sounding policy reports and consultation documents into every day English so that people can understand them.

How I work

Although I’m based in East Anglia, I’ve helped people across the UK develop effective writing and content marketing skills. I work using a mixture of online meetings (Zoom or Teams), face-to-face training, and more in depth projects ranging from creating customer magazines to training programmes.

Let’s connect!

Ready to start? Then let’s get a date in the diary. If you’re not sure or want to find out more I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Or why not connect with me on Linkedin and we can start the conversation.


Content and Storytelling and Me

I’m Shaun Lowthorpe and for 16 years I delivered great content and storytelling as a successful journalist and business editor.

Now I want to pass on my experience and expertise to you

That’s why today I use my journalistic know-how to help you tell your own story through bespoke storytelling and content marketing, media and marketing training either via Zoom or face to face. I also write blogs and articles. Or I can work with you to produce publications and articles, from customer magazines to consultation reports.

To arrange a free no obligation 30 minute call or online chat, email shaun@contentconnective.com

I knew when I quit the newsroom in 2016 that understanding how to create compelling content and storytelling would be central to every successful organisation and not just the preserve of the media.

In fact, I believe that businesses and organisations like yours must learn how to create their own content and storytelling like never before.

It doesn’t matter if you are posting blogs, publishing magazines or even writing press releases, content and storytelling is going to be central to how you operate and connect with your customers.

Bespoke packages

Getting your message out there to inform, educate, influence, and explain will form a critical part of your marketing and communications plan and future success. I love to find things out and explain things to people and that’s very much the approach I use in my work – whether it’s discovering what makes a business or organisation tick, to unearthing fascinating facts which can form great stories or PR.

My clients include business owners, start-ups, SMEs, local government, charities – in fact anyone looking to hone their storytelling skills for their business or organisation.

I’ve created many bespoke training packages for clients. The topics I cover include, SEO, keywords, news and business writing, content marketing, press releases and PR.

I’ve also delivered specialist consultancy advice on how to deal with the media – focused on what reporters  actually do, and what you can do about it

Develop your knowledge and expertise

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve trained many journalists who are today working in the UK national and regional press.

I enjoyed my time in the newsroom and that’s why I’m determined to put something back and help others, whether it’s journalists, media or marketing professionals taking their first steps in the industry, or who want to develop their storytelling, news, feature writing, or copy writing skills to advance their careers.

That’s why I also teach journalism writing and techniques to students and trainees, as well as to start-ups and marketing professionals keen to learn PR to promote their own businesses or organisations or reach audiences through compelling jargon-free content.

Email shaun@contentconnective.com to discuss journalism or marketing training packages.

Learn to overcome your challenges

I hear from so many people keen to learn how to create their own great content themselves. And I know firsthand exactly the sorts of challenges you face.

I’ll help you gain the content and storytelling confidence and expertise you need to strike out on your own and develop your own bespoke articles, content, and copy – from blogs to social media posts, to press releases and media training.

I focus on journalistic storytelling aimed at creating educational content about you and your business or organisation. For some that works as a great addition to existing marketing and sales activities, while for others it’s a fantastic way to deepen relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders and to enhance their brand.

And I guarantee that if you are looking to improve your content writing and storytelling, or you want to help others you work with do so, then I can definitely help.

Let’s Talk – free 30 minute phone call or online chat

Sounds interesting but still not sure? I offer a free 30 minute no obligation call or online meeting where you can find out more about me and how I work and to discuss your project and needs. What’s to lose for the sake of half an hour? And if I can’t help, I’ll try and point out some alternatives you can try instead.

To arrange simply call me or leave a message on 07708 855 486 or email me at shaun@contentconnective.com.




My Clients

  • One Traveller
  • Lovewell Blake
  • Norse Group
  • Broadland District Council
  • Studious Digital Education
  • New Anglia LEP
  • Inkspotwifi
  • Greater Norwich Development Partnership
  • Agespace

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I guarantee that I can improve the way you create great content and storytelling, but if you’re still not sure get in touch with any questions

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