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Learn how to think like a publisher

  • Print

    Let’s put editorial and publishing experience into your processes, and journalistic thinking into your writing and approach

  • Blogs & Articles

    Shout about what makes you different, prove you’re expert at what you do, and get your customer stories out there.

  • Content Marketing

    Discover how to build and implement a content strategy that works for your business

  • Award Entries

    You know how great you are, so celebrate your success and take the PR potential to the max with entries designed to wow the judges.

  • Communications

    Hit the headlines and get your story in front of the right people. I’ll show you how to give journalists a story on a plate or how to fend off those awkward questions.

  • Training & Mentoring

    Let’s nurture and develop your own team of content champions by teaching them how to think like journalists

  • Pricing packages

    Choose a pricing package which suits you best. Prices start from £300 (+VAT)

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How writing things down helped me turn ideas into reality (and develop a portfolio career)

Have you ever wondered about how to develop a portfolio career? For me the answer lay in the power of writing things down. I am a great believer in writing things down, and it is something I do regularly not least because I’m a writer but also because so often when

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Lost for words

I get it, you’re bursting with stacks of content ideas, and you can even write a bit, but running your business or managing your team means you have a million and one other things to sort out, so you never find the time to turn out all those blogs, articles and press releases you know your business needs.

Not anymore

In just one hour, I’ll help you improve WHAT you write, I’ll also make sure THAT you write with a focused one-hour COPY CLINIC. Together we’ll iron out the words, sort out the headers and keywords, create a story to interest, excite, delight and hopefully convert the people that matter, your customers.

How it works

You bring what you’ve written, and I’ll help you knock it into shape. If you know who you want to reach then you’re half way to finding the right words. I’ll help you connect the two. And if you’re not sure, I’ll help you figure that out too. Sign up for just one session, or a package – there’s no contract, you just pay for the time you need until you’re confident enough to be on your way.

Beyond storytelling

To keep it simple I like to start with ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, where and ‘when’. Then I’ll also show you ‘how’. Beyond storytelling I can show you how to map out a content plan, how to generate more story ideas, and how to slice and dice your content for different formats such as blogs, publications, and social media.

Need a hand?

If writing your own content or developing your own content marketing is more than you can manage right now, or you need an extra pair of hands to deliver a project, then yes you can hire me for that too.

Let’s connect!

Ready to start? Then let’s get a date in the diary. If you’re not sure or want to find out more I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Or why not connect with me on Linkedin and we can start the conversation.


Content and Storytelling and Me

I’m Shaun Lowthorpe and for 16 years I delivered great content and storytelling as a successful journalist and business editor.

Now I want to pass on my experience and expertise to you.

That’s why today I use my journalistic know-how to help you tell your own story through bespoke storytelling and content marketing training either via Zoom or face to face. I also write blogs and articles. Or I can work with you to produce publications and articles, from customer magazines to consultation reports.

I knew when I quit the newsroom in 2016 that understanding how to create compelling content and storytelling would be central to every successful organisation and not just the preserve of the media.

In fact, I believe that businesses like yours must learn how create their own content and storytelling like never before.

It doesn’t matter if you are posting blogs, publishing magazines or even writing press releases, content and storytelling is going to be central to how you operate and connect with your customers.

My clients include business owners, SMEs, local government and charities – in fact anyone looking to hone their storytelling skills for their business or organisation.

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve trained many journalists who are today working in the UK national and regional press, so I know a thing or two about how to write great stories.

And after running my own business, I also know firsthand exactly the sorts of challenges you face.

Yes, you can hire someone to write things for you, or you can use an agency.

But all that cost may soon add up. And I hear from so many businesses keen to learn how to create their own great content themselves.

I focus on journalistic storytelling aimed at creating educational content about you and your business or organisation – so I may not suit all tastes. But I guarantee that if you are looking to improve your content writing and storytelling, then I can definitely help.

If you want to chat things through then call me on 07708 855 486 or email me at shaun@contentconnective.com.




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Let's Connect!

I guarantee that I can improve the way you create great content and storytelling, but if you’re still not sure get in touch with any questions

Telephone: O7708855486

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