Content Connective helping businesses with content strategy and creation

How should you do content and content strategy for SMEs? (Hint keep things plain and simple)

The best way I can sum up my approach to creating content and content strategy for SMEs and what I do is simply to spell it out. I project manage content creation and content strategy both for business clients, publishers and agencies. This includes writing articles, blogs and advertorials; creating customer magazines and brochures. It also includes event hosting, training and mentoring, presenting, interviewing, as well as scriptwriting, and to a lesser degree PR.

But I’m not just a writer

Yet, that’s just the ‘what’ and not the ‘how’ of what I do

In fact, I have helped companies develop content strategy and launch many new products with a publishing element behind them. I’ve helped create business plans, and campaigns which go far and beyond just writing the words. My management and mentoring background means I’m great at coming in and working with businesses and publishers on the strategy, typically on a contract or consulting basis.

I also host business events and roundtables too, and present both on screen or on podcasts.

What happens when I work with you ?

First off, I want to hone in what it is you are trying to say and then how to say it. We both know that there’s a lot more behind creating content and content strategy, for SMEs, or anyone for that matter, than I am letting on here –  I just don’t want to bamboozle you from the start.

However the stages I would expect to follow are:

  1. Who is your target audience and target customer?
  2. Why should they read your content?
  3. Why should they buy from you?

Then to get more technical, I’m interested in things like where they are in the buying cycle, and how your content should address that. I also look at how aware, or not, they are of your business, products and services.

I won’t go into things like SEO or keywords in detail here, although we all know they are crucial to any kind of content strategy and content creating process. That’s because often it’s something you, or your team, are on top of already. In any case, I will create a bespoke content planner for you for benchmarking against that. if we are starting from scratch, and if I don’t know, I will recommend someone too.

My approach to content creation and strategy works particularly well for B2C companies

Not surprisingly, my approach is very well-suited to companies with a B2C audience and particularly those looking at customer storytelling and talking to a clearly defined ‘audience’. Some people call this brand journalism. That means I’m not your best bet if it’s sales copywriting or technical copy you are after. On the other hand, corporates like the fact my business journalism experience also means I understand boardrooms and management.

Project managing and bringing in other people

Businesses I work with usually have their own in-house resources, such as design, SEO, marketers, so I’m often coming in on a project basis either to add extra capacity, or to manage the project for them. That means that I can work both in-situ, where agreed, and remotely. Usually I will work as the project manager. If you haven’t got those resources then don’t worry, I can bring in additional resources such as designers, photographers, and specialist writers too.

I don’t try to be too clever

I was once a business editor for the Eastern Daily Press, so my journalistic and publishing background means I keep things simple. I’ve even tried to sum it up on the back of my business card. That said, turning blank sheets of paper into must-read published articles is what I’m really about.

Content Connective helping businesses with content strategy and creation

So, I try and keep things nice and clear – not black and white, because life is more subtle than that, but at least straightforward and jargon-free.


Targeting content and content strategy for SMEs (Content Connective is not an agency -although we like to work with them)

You’ll see from our pricing packages  that I’m not an agency. In fact, at the moment, the business is just me, and the sub-contractors I bring in on a project-by-project basis. That means I am usually:

a. working with businesses directly

b. working with agencies or publishers on a contract basis

I typically work with smaller businesses who lack capacity in-house to create content and content strategy, but know they need to do it, so are looking for a cost-effective solution to help them on their way.

But I’ve worked with large corporates and agencies too. What connects them all is they all want to place their customer stories centre stage as part of their marketing efforts. That’s where I come in.

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Don’t be shy! If you think I’m talking your language then why not call me on 07708 855 486 and see if there is a good fit to be had.