A Content Connective business card spelling out what services we offer nice and clearly

Our approach is to keep things plain and simple

The best way to sum up our approach and what we do is simply to spell it out – we write articles, blogs and features, newsletters, brochures and magazines, award entries and press releases. We also do content strategy.

You see I’ve said it, plain and simple. But have you ever noticed how people can get very hung up on brands and what they do? It’s understandable really, as it’s a very personal thing – if you’re running your own business, your brand is very much a part of you.

I feel the same about Content Connective. You spend a lot of time working on your business, thinking about what it is, what sets you apart from your competition and makes you special. And yet sometimes it’s hard to sum up your approach into words.

Don’t try to be too clever

When we were putting this website together, I spent a lot of time coming up with snappy straplines:

‘Good stories, win business’
‘Bringing your stories to life’
‘Once a journalist, always a storyteller’.

But the trouble was it all sounded a bit clever. “Who’s going to be interested in that?”, my wife said.

We’re not some sort of whizzy agency. In fact, we’re the antithesis of that. We try and keep things nice and clear – not black and white, because life is more subtle than that, but at least straightforward and jargon-free.

Content Connective is not a whizzy agency

So then I thought to myself, why not try a different approach and just write what we do? After all I’ve spent my entire career trying to spell things out concisely and clearly, why should that change now? You could say it’s my USP. So here it is, once again:

We write articles, blogs and features, newsletters, brochures and magazines, award entries and press releases.

I’ve even put it on the back of my business card, which has helped overcome those networking trip ups when you struggle to sum up what you do when asked.

We also do content strategy, helping people work out who their target audience is, what to publish and when. And we collaborate with others too, particularly if you are looking for video, digital, SEO, and platform building. It’s just that I couldn’t fit all of that on the back of the business card.

You see finding the right words isn’t always easy, even for those of us who are used to doing it.

If you would like to find out more about our approach and how we work please do get in touch.